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Say goodbye to hefty movers’ minimums of 1,000-2,000 lbs. Our premier moving services in Anchorage offer worry-free, reliable, and integrity-driven solutions for all your moving needs. Whether you’re relocating within Alaska, moving to or from another state, or embarking on a journey away from Alaska, our dedicated team ensures a smooth, stress-free transition. From pick-up to drop-off and everything in between, our skilled professionals handle it all, including precious antiques, appliances, furniture, and office equipment like printers and copiers. With expertise in cargo and freight, we handle shipments of all sizes, from single pallets to large-scale trucking, making your move effortless, whether it’s across the state or across the country.

Don’t forget! High dollar insurance is available as long as we follow the right packaging and shipping requirements, and Northbound shipments to Alaska can be very reasonable if the right situation presents itself. Please call us to see if we can save you money on shipments into Alaska.

pallet shipping

Pallet Shipping

We specialize in residential and business moves that generally are smaller than a full service move option. We have the experience to stack your assorted goods neatly and securely on to pallets so that you can take advantage of the savings this service provides. We charge by the lb. not space, which can be a real advantage with large but not overly heavy items like furniture that can be typically part of your household goods. Large items such as taxidermy and office machines are typically shipped this way because of the cost of dimensionally shipping these items Air Freight.

We palletize your goods at no extra charge. It is our job to fit your jenga puzzle together. We have low minimums at 500 lbs. or less to all locations. We offer pickup services, packaging items you can’t do yourself or need professional protection, delivery to a driveway or business, and insurance (call for details). There are over 200 terminals across the country that we can ship to for those of you wanting to save money on the delivery fees or just don’t have a location yet. The more you are willing to do the less we charge. This service works well for both residential and commercial shipments.


Furniture and Antiques

Whether you’re shipping a single antique armoire, a room full of contemporary furniture, or a commercial display piece, our specialized packaging techniques guarantee damage-free delivery. We provide customized crating, palletizing, and foam-in-place packaging for superior furniture and antique shipping. With local pick-ups, worldwide shipping, and faster, better-protected arrivals, we outshine traditional pad wrap delivery. Additionally, we handle firearms, including handguns, long guns, and factory ammunition, with no restrictions or extra fees, ensuring safe, secure, and timely delivery of all your sensitive items.


Fine Art

The Packaging Store stands as a renowned figure in the art shipping realm, celebrated for our adept handling and top-tier customer service. We approach fine art shipping with meticulous attention, utilizing specialized crates, acid-free tissue paper, and glass masking tape to preserve the integrity of your prized possessions. Our extensive network of franchisees spans the nation and encompasses artwork from museums, galleries, artists, consultants, collectors, relocation experts, antique dealers, and private clients. Whether it’s relocating a gallery painting, transporting a heavy sculpture, or safeguarding a cherished family heirloom, trust us for professional, secure, and cost-effective art shipping solutions.

Estate and Trust Distribution

Ease the burden of distributing items during a loved one’s downsizing or after their passing. Our team will enter the home, handle item pickups with care, and proficiently ship them to various locations, providing a smooth and empathetic experience.

Computers and Electronics

We handle electronics with utmost precision, be it a single printer, CPU tower, or monitors. Our packaging ensures safe transit. Our expertise and meticulous attention to detail distinguish us as experts in this specialized field.

Office Machinery And Equipment

Whether you’re dealing with a single copy machine or an entire warehouse stocked with office furniture bound for multiple destinations, The Packaging Store has the solution to ease your shipping worries. Our well-trained warehouse staff will skillfully package your office equipment, utilizing robust skids, crates, and pallets to guarantee its safe and unblemished arrival at its designated location.

Shipping Services

We offer some of the fastest most afforadable shipping in Anchorage. Learn more. . .

Custom Packaging

We can help you package computers, taxidermy, art and more. Learn more. . .